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The White Door is about Robert Hill. One day he wakes up in a mental health facility. He was suffering from memory loss. In this game, one has to follow the daily strict routine of the mental health facility. Then one has to help Robert recall his past memories. This game is a point-and-click adventure. This has been developed by the makers of the Rusty Lake series and Cube Escape.

Know some details about the features of the game

The White Door Gameplay

  • The White Door is quite easy to start but putting it down becomes a little difficult. This is basically a pickup and play.
  • There is also an interactive storyline in this particular game. The gamer needs to follow a particular routine and then try recollecting the memories in the most playful manner. There are a number of riddles as well as game teasers that the gamer has to follow in between.
  • There is also a unique split-screen adventure
  • The entire atmosphere is also quite interesting. Each of the days is full of suspense and a number of surrealistic as well as unexpected events.
  • The soundtrack that is used in this particular game is also haunting and immersive. The theme songs for this game were composed by Victor Btzeelar.
  • There are a number of secrets that are still to be revealed in The White Door.

How to play the game?

The White Door Review

There is a monochrome palette that is used in the game. This certainly helps the gamer notice what is actually not there. There is something missing both visually as well as thematically. This is all the truer when you are trying to look at a world that is in black and white.

In most cases, people have a tendency to look towards the monochrome game worlds that are highly stylish. It is also a shorthand for loss, grief and also depression. This is also true of The White Door”. In the point and click ayahussca journey, however, the question is asked literally and not figuratively.

There are very small changes in the daily routine and these are normally imposed behind the white door using the white coats. There are also empty white plates received at 5 pm in place of foods. These are certainly important narrative revelations.

The only thing that Robert Hill knows is his name and the present year. This is because the driving license that is there in the drawer has his name and the calendar on the wall has the year.

Apart from these and the fact that he has forgotten everything from his past life is something that he knows. After that, the only thing that follows is a mundane daily routine. Unfortunately, this routine is also set by people who claim to be taking care of him.

Mechanically it is a simple light touch. As Robert narrates that he is taking another coffee sip, one can drag the coffee near his lips in a dream sequence. The gamer might also answer some questions during a psychological examination. As the game progresses it becomes more like a puzzle game. Here the gamer has to recognize certain patterns and also apply logic to progress towards the gate.

There is also a white door’s woozy and this means that the gamer is not sure of the rules. This is good to a certain extent because this way the gamer does not continuously question as to why X is the result of Y and then finally lose your way in the middle.

If one is a true gamer and wants to experience the interesting delights of the Rusty lake series then, The White Door is certainly the best option for them. It is a gleeful endeavor that moves till the White door. This game is now available in both mobiles as well as PCs. The Rusty Lake series has a total of 14 games, out of which nine are free to play and the other five that include The White Door are paid games.

The White Door Download

This game is between the point and click adventures and also the room escape games. Each of the titles of this particular game has a separate episode and they are all interconnected to each other. The paid offerings of Rusty Lake began in the year 2015. They provide richer and also lengthier adventures.

In this particular game, the player tries to recollect the memories of Robert Hill. They are a puzzle – y and have a point and click adventure. They are also very much structured. The comic panel that has been used here is a split-screen format and this is quite striking. It wonderfully blends interaction, exploration as well as a narrative into something that is quite gorgeous.

The White Door is a game that a gamer will certainly fall in love with. This is a great addition to the series of the rusty lake. This has quite an edgy story. This is perfect for gamers who are fond of puzzles. The biggest advantage of this particular game is that it is much less complicated as compared to the other games.

This game is also available at quite a reasonable price and as a gamer, one is sure to love it. The only thing that one has to check here is the system and the memory space requirements. If one is able to keep these things in mind then they will not have any problems loading this game. So hurry up and get this game without any further delay. You will surely not regret your decision.

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