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Bright Memory Mobile – Every Gamer Should Try It

Bright Memory Mobile is a first-person action shooting game. This is a game where the players are able to control the various styles of special abilities. This game also helps you to create a wonderful blend of various skills. This game is all about the adventure story of Sheila who works in the Natural Science Research organization.

Know some details about the game

Bright Memory Mobile Gameplay

In the year 2020, SRO discovered a particular material in a sword that was old. This ancient sword actually had the ability to recall some creatures that were dead. This was found during an investigation of the cultural relics crime.

The third-party military organization entered the research institute of the SRO and then tried grabbing the materials there. They transformed the transmitter coordinates to the Arctic edge where the land of the sky was found. There were also a number of ancient creatures that existed there. SRO had to find out the conspiracy of SAI and then find out the actual truth.

Here is what the developers of this game will provide to the gamers

Bright Memory Mobile is a combination of the Devil May Cry and the FPS style. The gamers who have bought the original version of episode 1 of this game will get an automatic upgrade to the Bright memory, infinite when it gets released. The version which is yet to come up is expected to be short and also sweet. The duration will be for about 3 hours. The version will have the same story re-written. They will also be a rework.

The original version of the Bright Memory Mobile was a demo version. But it received an overwhelming response from the Chinese players. It is for this reason that the developers of this game had to re-think their decision. The makers initially thought that they would be releasing 3 episodes together. But as of now, they are planning to opt for one single release that will be lengthier.

The final version of this particular game will have a more technical showcase. There are a lot of times when the initial release is messy. However, the original version of this particular game was truly a graphical treat. In the original release, there were a number of shiny surfaces. But the end results were most spectacular. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is that they do not crush the performances. The art direction in the final game is much more consistent.

The original version of theĀ Bright Memory Mobile is even now available on stream. The prices might go up later. This game is just an hour long. It holds up very well for a number of replays especially when the game gets tougher. This game, Bright Memory Mobile is a first-person shooter and is highly controversial. This has arrived in the app store quite recently. As of now, this is a premium game.

The game is very interesting and the most important purpose of this particular title is to gather proper funds. These funds will be useful for buying a fully-featured version on the laptop or computer. This is called Bright Memory infinite. The details of this particular game were for the first time reported by ABACUS news.

According to this news portal, the developer of Bright Memory Mobile expects to sell as much as a hundred thousand copies of the game in the mobile version. This game is priced at Rs.280 each for both IOS as well as Android. The game originally started as an episodic game and also received a lot of attention. The gameplay has graphics that are very cool and captivating.

Bright Memory Mobile Review

The first episode of this game lasted for as much as 40 minutes. The developer has, however, moved away from the version of the game when it was first released. Bright memory also was caught up with some controversies. This happened after the players found that the game used some pirated versions as well. However, later the developer apologized and replaced the pirated version with the original version.

In order to ensure that the combat of the Bright Memory Mobile does not feel clumsy, the aim asset has been used quite liberally. One will be able to get an idea about how complicated the game is by checking out the clip that is there above. At first glance, it certainly looks easy, however, it is not so. There are a number of abilities and also onscreen buttons that a lot of players will find it difficult to handle.

Downloading the Bright Memory Mobile

If you are a gamer and have an IOS device, and want to take the game for a spin, you can download it from the app store. This is a premium app. If you are an Android user, you can download it from GooglePlay.

Game Features

  • The background music of this particular game is stunning.
  • This game is as fluid as any other AAA game that is also high budget.
  • The episode 1 of the Bright Memory game will introduce the gamer to the setting and the world of the game
  • This game certainly has a very high potential

Advantages of this game

  • This game has some exceptionally good graphics
  • It also has very good music
  • The plot of this particular game is highly interesting

Bright Memory Mobile is one of the best games that tells a very interesting story. There is a lot of adventure and also battles in this particular game. It helps in developing the skills of the gamer. It is also quite interesting to spend some good time with the main character of the game. The main character of this game, Shelia will face the activities of the ruthless boss and also that of another group.

There are a number of good games available in the market. If you are a true gamer, then you can certainly try this game. You will surely love it.

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